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Welcome Dear Ones

I AM Anita Marie King, LCSW, your one and only “singing social worker”, songwriter of cds: THOUGHTS 4 EVERYDAY (cd), MESSAGES 2 THE SOULS OF THE WORLD and author of book/audiobook,THE PRECIOUS GIFT OF FORGIVENESS 4 ME & YOU & OURS!
I AM your humble servant and overjoyed to share my inspirational creativity, progressively, as a soloist since age 9 at Pirmasens Elementary School, Pirmasens, Germany; to winner of The First Miss Black El Paso, Texas 1972; to songwriter since 1974; to certification as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over three decades of professional service provided to, literally, thousands of individuals, young and old; and authorof my book/audiobook. I AM a keynote professional speaker and forgiveness trainer.
I invite you to love to listen, read, remember, live and share my golden gifts for you and yours!
I AM Anita